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CMG offers a variety of services and equipment to serve your needs. We work closely with organizations, musicians and individuals on a number of projects. Our goal is to provide an affordable and professional solution that works with your budget. Feel free to contact us below for more information about how we can help you.

If you are a student organization, we would love to work with you. We are conveniently located in collegetown and can help your organization stand out on campus.

Equipment Rentals

CMG can provide you with the audio equipment you need to help make your event a success. Perfect for receptions, performances or parties. If you are not sure what equipment is right for your event, we'll gladly give you some advice and walk you through proper setup and operation. See our inventory below. All cables and adapters included in rentals. Local delivery is available.

SPEAKERS starting at $30
WIRED MICROPHONES starting at $5
MIC STANDS starting at $5
LIVE SOUND MIXERS starting at $15
POWERED MIXERS starting at $25

Contact us for more products and bundles!

Recording Space

The CMG studios provide a unique space for a variety of recording projects. You may rent the space by hour, by day, or work with us through an entire project. CMG will pair you with an engineer to work with you throughout each session. We can also take care of post-processing. If you are a local artist looking to publish and promote your work, ask us about working with Electric Buffalo Records.

Production Booth

Production Booth

Our sound insulation booths are great for recording podcasts or remote interviews. They also provide space for vocalists or individual instrumentalists to record their work.

Performance Studio

Performance Studio

A vinyl-lined performance space that can fit most full bands. Paired with an engineer and 8-chanel interface, this is a great spot to record a song, or album. Please ask us about video options.

DJ Services

CMG can provide professional equipment and a DJ to staff your next event. We commonly staff events on campus and throughout Ithaca such as BBQ's, formals, greek social events and fairs. Our basic DJ service is very affordable and a great addition to your next event.

Practice Space

While used mainly as a recording space, our performance room is also a great space for your group to practice. You will have to bring your own instruments, but our team will set you up with any cables, mics, stands and monitors. We're located in a convenient spot in collegetown and will give you a pass to park nearby.

Hourly rental starting at $8
Day passes starting at $30
Ask about a free trial!

Looking to use our studio frequently? Ask about a weekly, monthly, or even annual pass. We'll craft a pricing structure that makes sense for how often you plan to use our space.

The CMG Experience

As a young group of aspiring influencers, we do a lot of innovative and collaborate work. Here are just some examples of the work we do.


Tuesdays with the Band

Live Broadcast + Interview



Banquets, Meetings, Event Coverage and More



We like to get out there in the community and make our voices heard!



There are several opportunities in CMG to use the power of business, branding and social media to shape the guild's public image.


Content Creation

Producing our best work for our audiences across our companies. WVBR, Cornell Radio and EBR have the freshest content.



CMG is a place where you are surrounded by motivated people who share the common goal of career advancement.


Our Mission

The CMG mission is to provide students with a unique platform to explore their creativity, engage with the community and develop skills that will set them apart in the professional world. The CMG experience is powerful - it places students at the helm of an established corporation allowing them to take risks, develop as leaders and solve problems.

  • The Start


    Our Humble Beginnings

    CMG was founded in 1935, beginning as a student organization that produced radio programs airing on WESG.

  • WVBR is Born


    WVBR is Born

    Later in the 1940s, CMG purchased small AM transmitters and installed them in each of Cornell’s dorms, choosing the call letters: WVBR.

  • Transition


    Transition to FM and Organizational Independence

    Seeking to serve the off-campus community, CMG filed an application with the FCC in the mid-1950s for an FM station license, which was not an ordinary feat for a college-student-operated radio station.

  • Today

    1960s - Present Day

    Growth and Expansion of Cornell Media Guild

    Over the years, WVBR has become a substantial component of the local community. CMG has expanded to a multimedia company that also owns and Electric Buffalo Records.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Despite it's name, CMG is not run by, nor financially supported by Cornell University. It is an independent non-profit corporation completely owned and managed by students of Cornell and other universities. Very few organizations exist in the world that share the same situation, offering students a truly unique and powerful experience.

Our Subsidiaries



Ithaca's Alternative | A commercial rock station broadcasting on 93.5 FM. WVBR has a substantial following in the Ithaca community and provides professional broadcast experience.

From the hill for the hill. | An online free-form and uncensored radio stream programmed specifically for Cornell students. Music, talk and specialty from the hill, for the hill.

Electric Buffalo Records

Electric Buffalo Records

Your go-to record label. | An independent recording label that offers production, promotion and distribution services to local and student artists, fueling the local music scene.

Together, we are Cornell Media Guild.

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Our Official Partners


UPrinting is WVBR’s official partner for all its printing needs! Check out for more information.


UPrinting is WVBR’s official partner for all its printing needs! Check out for more information

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